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If members have difficulty attending any activities because of a lack of transport, please contact Mark Walton to see if any arrangements can be made.

One thought on “Contact us”

  1. Good Afternoon Julian

    Please can you help?

    I am a special needs teacher from Blackmarston school in Hereford. Our children learn through using their senses and sharing experiences that enable them to become aware that people, objects, symbols, places, food and occasions have special importance.

    I am looking to hold a multi faith day on Tuesday 7th June. Our focus is ‘We are all different and special’.
    I have also asked representatives from other religious faiths to join us.

    The plan is to hold an assembly in the morning at 10am to introduce the visitors of different faiths. At 10.30am the children will have a playtime. Each visitor will be assigned to a class. The visitors will be introduced to their classrooms. Between 11.00 and 12.00 the visitors will lead an activity of their choice (story, dance, craft, songs, baking, games etc) staff will support the children and adapt activities where necessary.

    12-1.15 lunch (lunch can be provided, please let me know if you have any dietary needs)

    At 1.45pm The whole school will meet up in the hall. Each child will then decorate a religious symbol to be placed on our display board. Each class will then show the rest of the school their activity. We will end with a whole school banquet.

    The more visitors the smaller the group sizes, each class has between 6-9children. There are 10 classes in total so one visitor/religion per class would be ideal.

    Potentially this could be a very enjoyable day. Hope you are able to join us.

    Please can you respond with your availability.

    Kind regards,

    Melanie Fitzmaurice

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