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Purim and Shabbat service, led by Rabbi Anna Gerrard

Saturday 7th March


Ale House, Colwall

Mark Walton

Communal seder

Thursday 9th April


Parish Hall, Belmont, Hereford

Mark Walton

Mark Walton 01594 530721 / mark.walton@bridgescentre.org.uk 

Please note that we have agreed to collect food for the Hereford Food Bank at EVERY service. The Food Bank has requested tins of “hot” meat (stews etc), coffee, dried and UHT milk, sugar, jams, cornflakes, fruit juice, tins of fruit, rice pudding, custard, toothpaste, shampoo, loo rolls and pet food. Please ensure all items have a good “best before” date! A cash donation / collection enables them to put fresh fruit, potatoes, cheese and milk etc in the parcels.  For more information about food banks and a full list of items needed, contact Alison Russell on 01432 353347 or email herefordfoodbank@rocketmail.com

Other Events of Interest

Jewish Book Week

http://www.jewishbookweek.com/ Week

Website has podcasts and vimeos from many previous years as well as tickets for this year’s event. 

Saturday February 21st- Sunday March 1st

Kings Place, London 




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I moved to Hereford in 2012, before that I was a Londoner, from North and Northwest London. I continue to work as Archivist at Liberal Judaism in London 2 days a month. I am also Archivist for HJC.

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